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International Patient Safety Day

On World Patient Safety Day, gather with your friends and families (with physical distancing and masks) to learn about how you can protect yourself as a patient, and serve as an advocate for your loved ones who are receiving medical care. The Annual World Patient Safety Day will be celebrated globally to reiterate the importance of health care safety and raise global awareness. A 3-hour virtual event will be held on Youtube Live connecting patients, health workers, policymakers, celebrities, and global citizens together to learn how patient and health worker safety can be advanced and what you can do to protect yourself and loved ones.🤒❤️ For more information or to register visit  

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BV Medical Pulse Oximeter

Our BV Medical Finger Pulse Oximeter accurately measures SpO2 (peripheral capillary oxygen saturation) value and pulse rate! Check below for more features!💞   🔠 Black with Green Display 🤓 Big Font Display ☑️ Perfusion Index

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Light it Red for Lymphoma

Today is World Lymphoma Awareness Day! Light it Red for Lymphoma makes lymphoma visible by lighting buildings and landmarks across the world in red. You can bring this effort to your neighborhood by illuminating your home with red lights! Read below for other ways to Light it Red!❤️ 🤳 Spread awareness via social media using #LightItRed 😄 Use Amazon Smile and choose the Lymphoma Research Foundation as your beneficiary so your purchases support life-saving research 🔴 Wear red today  📖 Share educational materials Information provided by  

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Sprague Rappaport

A Sprague Rappaport Dual-Tube with a dual-membrane, zinc alloy chestpiece where the larger membrane is sensitive for sound collecting and the smaller membrane may be used for children! Read below for more features!🩺💙 💓 Chestpiece: Single dual-membrane chestpiece made of zinc alloy for excellent sound conduction and little acoustic attenuation 🔊 Dual PVC Tube: Well-sealed sound conduction channel that is resistant to ambient interference 

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Grandparents Day

Do something grand and engage with another generation on Grandparents Day! Connect and serve today by reaching out!🤝💙 Information provided by  

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