Large Pair of Soft Gello Ear Tips

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Large Gello Ear Tips

Soft gello ear tips to put on your stethoscope. You can even match your ear tips to your stethoscope! The wide array of colors lets you customize and personalize your stethoscope! These soft gello ear tips are a large pair measuring 1.7 cm in length, 0.5 cm in diameter for place of input, and 1.3 in width at the largest diameter point on the ear tip. 

Product Includes: One Pair of Large Gello Ear Tips (Color of your Choice)

Not made with natural rubber latex.


33-511-280 Yellow
33-511-001 White
33-511-270 Teal
33-511-210 Pink
33-511-160 Magenta
33-511-140 Lavender
33-511-100 Gray
33-511-000 Clear
33-511-050 Burgundy
33-511-010 Black