ARC InstaTemp Non Touch Thermometer
ARC InstaTemp Non Touch Thermometer

ARC InstaTemp Non Touch Thermometer

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Model: 40-901-000

How It Works

Point and Click for Instant, Accurate Temperature Results

Before taking a temperature:

  1. Move hair and wipe any apparent perspiration from the forehead
  2. Ensure that the person and the device are in a stable temperature environment for 20 minutes prior to use.
  3. Do no touch the lens of the sensor or the surrounding area on the device.

Taking a temperature:

  1. Point the thermometer 0.5-1.2 inches from the forehead above the eyebrows and between the eyes. (See diagram)
  2. Press the activation button for 2.5 seconds and then release
  3. Be sure to hold the thermometer in a steady and straight angle until LED screen is illuminated. Once it does, the temperature is displayed for 4 seconds.

The advanced thermometer technology that will instantly make your life easier

ARC InstaTemp’s™ breakthrough technology is safe and accurate. The digital infrared sensor measures temperature without touching the body, minimizing your risk of cross contamination without needing pesky probe covers or sanitation. It can even be used while a person is sleeping.

The intuitive, precision design makes this medical device versatile and easy to use. Its slim, sleek design and backlit LED display provides clear temperature readings, which can be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius. Most of all, the ARC InstaTemp™ is highly accurate with a guaranteed accuracy within 0.4°F.