Graduation Gift Ideas for Medical Professionals

Gift Ideas for Graduation Class of 2021 Medical Professionals Nurse Doctor EMT
Looking for a graduation gift for yourself or someone you know who is going into a medical profession? There are many choices for the perfect graduation gift. Read below on some graduation gift ideas.


Blue Penlight


A penlight is a necessity. This particular penlight has an additional pupil gauge and 5 centimeter ruler for a quick reference tool. A penlight fits perfectly into a white coat or scrubs pocket and is a great medical accessory for any current or future medical professional. 

Penlights are available in Silver, Pink, Purple, and Blue.


Utility Scissors


Did you know there are special scissors for medical professionals? BV Medical offers a selection of scissors in a variety of colors. Utility scissors have a rugged construction that allows them the ability to cut through strong materials such as car seat belts, leather, denim, etc. These would be used by an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Paramedic, Nurse, or other medical professional. These can also be used as an alternative to a knife by fishermen, soldiers, and scuba divers. Other types of scissors include lister bandages and forceps. 

Utility scissors are available in Purple, Blue, White, Pink, Black, Red, and more.


Disposable Stethoscope


Stethoscopes are an iconic medical device associated with medical professionals. However, there are so many types of stethoscopes with specific features and capabilities. So, how do you know which one is the right stethoscope? Listed below are some stethoscopes BV Medical offers and their main features. Take into account what the stethoscope will be used for and specific features you are looking for! 
Classic Stainless Steel: For non-critical environments, Durable material for continued use, Available in infant, pediatric, or adult
Cardiology: For critical or challenging environments, Isolate subtle sounds, Usually a larger chestpiece than a classic stainless steel
Sprague Rappaport: Dual sound conduction with resistance to ambient interference, For critical or non-critical environments, Able to change diaphragm and bell to be used on infant, child, or adult
Single-Tube Sprague Rappaport: Single tube sound conduction, For critical or non-critical environments, Able to change diaphragm and bell to be used on infant, child, or adult
Paramount: Single head chestpiece that utilizes pressure, Catches low and high frequencies, Just press the back of chestpiece with little or more pressure
Gemscope: Acrylic chestpiece that is customizable to express yourself, Good sound conduction, Easy cleaning and maintenance
Lightweight: Specifically designed to be less heavier than most stethoscopes, Entry level instrument, Lessen neck pressure from stethoscope wearing
Disposable: Used specifically for isolation/quarantine environments where items must be disposed of after use, Sound comparable to a single-head nurse stethoscope, May be used for educational purposes as well 
Non-Ferrous: Used specifically for environments where magenets are a concern, Not made with any ferrous materials, Some may be reused whereas others may be disposed of after use