Hemorrhage Tourniquet

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Hemorrhage Tourniquet
Hemorrhage tourniquet can quickly control life-threatening extremity bleeding. Able to use one-handed for this tourniquet. 
  • Adjustable Size: Approximately 39 inches at full length. Suitable for most hands and robust thighs. 
  • Cold Resistant Technology: Composite buckles are designed to resist cold weather breakage.
  • NAR's Red Tip Technology: Red elliptical assists user in locating and threading during tourniquet application.
  • Multiple Uses: May be used for military, medical aid, artery bleeding, medical attention needs, and more. Adjustable for your needs. 
  • Color Options: Available in black, orange, and blue. Not seeing the color you want? Feel free to contact us!
80-700-000 Black
80-700-190 Orange