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We are a small business, with a big mission. We forge a relationship of trust and reliability with our customers through first-class customer service where people can reach people, not a faceless corporation. We rapidly deliver diagnostic, respiratory, and medical instruments with the right quality, right quantity, at the right time, at a fair price. We back that up with solid, generous warranties. Our vision is to enhance customers' health through a committed working relationship.

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28W206 W Commercial Ave Unit B, Lake Barrington, Illinois 60010


(888) 822-8293

Our History

Barrington Ventures, Ltd., dba BV Medical was founded in 1989 by Joe Kainz as a professional medical device distributor. Joe sourced medical instruments and diagnostic devices manufactured by small and medium-sized companies around the world. In the year 2000, Howie Russell joined the company, and together, they expanded the product line to include respiratory devices. They increased the customer base and built a reputation for first-class customer service, the hallmark of BV Medical’s value proposition to this day. In 2020, new CEO John Kainz accelerated the company’s transformation, building on the traditional positive customer experience by reforming the E-commerce platform: bvmedical.com. The BV Medical team remains dedicated to personal customer service where you can reach a person with answers to your questions, not a faceless corporation.  

BV Medical® is an Authorized Reseller of Omron®, KaWe, Kinsa®, PediaPals, AccuroA&D Medical®, and TecniMed products. We are also a Reseller of Littmann® products. For any questions please contact us.

Our Values

Customer Service

First-class customer service where people can reach people.


We are a small business with a big mission.

Ethical Focus

We are committed to our customers and suppliers.

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Our General Catalog gives you an overview of the medical device categories and featured products we carry. This is a non-exhaustive catalog, so make sure to also check out our website or reach out to us.

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