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BV Medical is a small business with a big mission. We strive to serve our customers, providing medical devices and supplies, building a relationship of trust and reliability with personal attention. We strive also to engage and serve our community, especially those in need. Read some of our initiatives and engagement below.

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Lulac Head Start Inc.
LULAC Head Start Inc. offers children and family development services in the Great New Haven Community. In response to the pandemic, BV Medical donated digital thermometers to give to families when thermometers were difficult to acquire.

Beyond Borders
BV Medical made a donation to Misión Para Cristo located in Nicaragua which included blood pressure and other medical diagnostic devices. These devices were used by individuals to help in healthcare in the area.

Breast Cancer Awareness
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, BV Medical does a campaign to inform and fundraise for this disease that impacts many. BV Medical donates a portion of sales to breast cancer philanthropic efforts each year. 

People Helping People

BV Medical serves and supports our community by raising awareness on our platforms and through both monetary and product donations. Below you will find a list of groups and links to learn more about the organizations themselves. If you have the means to support these groups, we ask you to please click their links and do so as well.

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We are a small business with a big mission. We offer first-class customer service where people can reach people. For more information read more about us and browse our products.

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