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  • KaWe MedCharge 4000 Charging Station
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KaWe MedCharge 4000 Charging Station

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KaWe MedCharge 4000 is the charging station for the KaWe EUROLIGHT, KaWe COMBILIGHT, and the laryngoscope product lines metal handles in small (AA) and medium (C) models, with the exception of the Economy, LED 2.5 V and plug-in charging handles. The operation time of a medium-sized rechargeable batteries is approximately 3 hours, whereas the smaller models last approx. 2 hours. This is however, dependent on the type of bulb used.

The KaWe MedCharge 4000 Charging Station is compatible with the following: KaWe Eurolight (D30 2.5V, Basic Set C10 2.5V, Basic Set C10/E10 2.5V, Basic Set C10/E15 2.5V, Basic Set C10/C16 2.5V, C10/E10 2.5V, F.O. 30/E36 2.5V, F.O. LED/hp/E36 2.5V, and F.O. LED/hp/E36 3.5V) and KaWe Combilight (F.O. 30/E30 2.5V, F.O. 30/E36 2.5V, F.O. 30/E36 3.5V, and F.O.30LED/hp/E36 3.5V)

Product Includes: KaWe MedCharge 4000 Charging Station and Instruction Manual




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