Choose the Environment When You Choose Standard Shipping

Choose the Environment When You Choose Standard Shipping

🌱 We love our planet Earth. How can we practice better ordering habits to help our planet? 

Let's take a look at shipping options. Online shopping is convenient, easy, and takes one click! However, it is not that simple behind the scenes. To meet express shipping demands, it requires more vehicles on the road alongside potentially less consolidated and optimized routes. This meaning there are less packages in vehicles, more trips, and more carbon emissions. 

Most trucks still run on diesel fuel unlike passenger vehicles. How can we get our packages with a smaller carbon footprint? Take advantage of delivery companies and their efficiency. 

According to data from the University of California*, express shipping has a heavier carbon footprint than slower ones. Slower is greener. 

🤔 How is BV Medical being green? 

Supporting sustainability through operational choices:

      • Thermal Printers 
      • Recycling Packing Materials
      • Encouraging Customers to Choose Standard Shipping by making it FREE

We choose to partner with sustainable shipping carriers:


Optimized Routes

Reducing Fuel

Electric-Vehicle Adoption


Alternative Fuel

Reduced Energy Consumption

Green Facilities


Greener Facilities

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Greener Vehicles


💡 Why is BV Medical choosing the environment? 

Our vision is to enhance customers' health. By choosing the environment, we also choose to enhance your health. We want you to choose the environment too!

📦 The next time you decide to order online, consider standard shipping. It is FREE, and it will be worth the wait! 



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