KaWe Swing Lens for PICCOLIGHT

KaWe Swing Lens for PICCOLIGHT

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The KaWe PICCOLIGHT Swing Lens can be used a replacement on all PICCOLIGHT otoscopes. Applicable models which the swing lens can be used on include: KaWe PICCOLIGHT C Otoscope, KaWe PICCOLIGHT F.O. LED high power Otoscope, KaWe PICCOLIGHT F.O. LED Standard Otoscope, and the KaWe PICCOLIGHT F.O. Otoscope.

This swing lens fits the following otoscopes:

60-010-010 Piccolight® C

60-010-100 Piccolight® C

60-010-180 Piccolight® C

60-870-010 Piccolight® F.O.

60-870-100 Piccolight® F.O.

60-870-180 Piccolight® F.O.

60-817-010 Piccolight® F.O./E50 Set

60-817-100 Piccolight® F.O./E50 Set

60-817-180 Piccolight® F.O./E50 Set

60-032-010 Piccolight® F.O./E56 Set

60-032-100 Piccolight® F.O./E56 Set

60-032-180 Piccolight® F.O./E56 Set

Product Includes: KaWe Swing Lens and Connector




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