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  • Mini Wright Peak Flow Meter (Standard)
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Mini Wright Peak Flow Meter (Standard)

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The Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter (Standard) measure your "Peak Expiratory Flow Rate" which is the fastest speed a person can blow air out of the lungs after taking as big a breath as possible. When you blow into the mouthpiece of the meter the indicator will move along the scale. The number next to the final position is your peak flow measurement. The faster you blow, the higher the reading. The peak flow number tells you how well air is moving through the airways in your lungs. The Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter is a device that will accurately measure your peak flow and show how well you are breathing. When used properly, the Mini-Wright will help you and your healthcare professional monitor your asthma to provide the best treatment. Your healthcare professional will tell you when and how often to use your peak flow meter, show you how to record the readings in the diary and give you a management plan to tell you what action to take when you have a change in airflow.

Not made with natural rubber latex.

Product Includes: Peak Flow Meter, Reusable Mouthpiece, and Instruction Manual




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