Omron 3 Series® Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (BP6100)

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Model: BP6100
BP6100 is replacing BP629N

Our OMRON 3 Series Wrist home blood pressure monitor (BP6100) is designed for people who want ease and portability with clinically validated accuracy. This wrist blood pressure monitor is lightweight, portable, convenient and simple–ideal when you want to check your blood pressure while on-the-go. With its easy-to-use, one-touch design, the 3 Series will store up to 60 blood pressure readings, plus any irregular heartbeats detected. The Hypertension Indicator displays a “HIGH” symbol if your systolic (upper) measurement reaches 130 mmHg or above and/or if your diastolic (lower) measurement reaches 80 mmHg or above. The OMRON-exclusive feature of Advanced Averaging technology displays the average of up to the last 3 readings taken within 10 minutes. This monitor fits adult wrists ranging from 5.3” to 8.5” in circumference and includes our own Cuff Wrap Guide feature, which alters you if the cuff is wrapped too loosely on your wrist. A storage case is included to help keep your monitor protected. NOTE: Unit operates on 2 AAA batteries (included)
Approx. Length: 0.8", Approx. Width: 3.7", Approx. Height: 2.4" Approx. Weight: 3 oz. Accessories
-Small Carrying Case: For ease of storage and travel, this soft case (3778106-6) is manufactured by OMRON for OMRON-manufactured select upper arm blood pressure monitors, wrist blood pressure monitors and TENS units
Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Comparison Chart