Red Single Patient Use/Disposable Stethoscope

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Red Single Patient Use/Disposable Stethoscope

Featuring a plastic binaural and red color, this plastic stethoscope can be used for single patient use, disposable, isolation, or quarantine purposes. The chestpiece is sound sensitive for reliable auscultation. Bright red color is distinct and can be used once for each patient and easily disposed after use. Usable for nurses, hospitals, clinics, EMTs, doctors, and more. These disposable stethoscopes are able to be bought in singles, 10 packs, 20 packs, or 100 packs. 

Not made with natural rubber latex.


30-300-244 /  Single

30-300-244-10 / 10 Pack

30-300-244-20 / 20 Pack

30-300-244-100 / 100 Pack