What are Sundry Jars?

What are Sundry Jars?

Are you wondering what sundry jars are and what you can use them for? We are here to explain and give you some ideas on what you can use sundry jars for!

What are Sundry Jars?

Sundry means including many things of different kinds, miscellaneous, or various. Jars are widemouthed containers, so sundry jars are jars that can contain miscellaneous or various things. Sundry jars can be made of different materials including plastic, glass, etc. Some sundry jars may have an intended use with labels on the front. For example, BV Medical offers Medical Sundry Jars which have labels on them including "Cotton," "Gauze," "Bandages," "Tongue Depressors," and "Applicators" which are intended to contain those specific items. Sundry jars can also have no labeling on them, so you can customize! 

What to Use Sundry Jars For

It is honestly entirely up to you unless there is an intended use with labels on the sundry jars! Keep in mind, sundry jars can come in different shapes and sizes. Here are some ideas you can used sundry jars for:

    • Arts & Crafts. For any supplies you need to store and access like markers, scissors, buttons, clips, paint, string, yarn, etc.
    • Bathroom Items. Use it to store your bathroom essentials such as cotton swabs, hair ties, cottonballs, potpourri, etc.
    • Candy. Make it easy to store your favorite sweets or use them to create a fun candy bar.
    • Coffee Bar. Put your coffee pods, sugar packets, or any other coffee addition for your coffee bar!
    • Decoration. Use them table centerpieces, potpourri, decorative rocks, marbles, crystals, etc.
    • Dry Foods. Organize your pasta, granola, cereal, cookies, coffee, popcorn, etc.
    • Gift Jars. Create a fun little gift jar!
    • Medical Supplies. Store your cotton, gauze, bandages, tongue depressors, and applicators with ease.
    • Jewelry. Organize your rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.
    • Office Supplies. Organize your office supplies in jars such as pens, scissors, tape, paper clips, staples, etc.
    • Plant Pots. Use them as a starter planter!
    • Snacks. For any quick treat you want to easily organize and store like pretzels, trail mix, granola bars, fruit snacks, and more.
    • Toys. Store and organize your toys in jars including Legos, connects, crayons, cars, doll accessories, etc.

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