When to Replace Your Blood Pressure Monitor?

When to Replace Your Blood Pressure Monitor?

Blood pressure monitors may experience wear and tear over time. This could result in inaccurate results. You may be asking, "When should you replace your blood pressure monitor?" "How often should I replace my blood pressure monitor?" or "When should I get a new blood pressure monitor?" This is general guidance on when it is recommended to replace your blood pressure monitor. Please refer to your specific blood pressure monitor instructions first. Consult with your physician about readings and blood pressure monitor usage.

Signs to Look Out For

1. Wear and Tear. If you physically see wear and tear on your blood pressure monitor or cuff then it may be time for a replacement. If you only see wear and tear on your blood pressure cuff then you can just buy a replacement cuff. Refer to your instruction manual or look up the corresponding cuffs for your blood pressure monitor.

2. More than 3 Years Old. If your blood pressure monitor is more than 3 years old then it may be time to look into getting a new blood pressure monitor. First check your blood pressure monitor for warranty information. Each blood pressure monitor has varying warranties. You may be able to get a free replacement or calibration. 

3. Inaccurate Results. If you start getting inaccurate results then immediately consult with your physician to rule out potential health conditions. If any potential health condition is ruled out then you may have to replace your blood pressure monitor.

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