Why is My Blood Pressure Monitor Not Working?

Why is My Blood Pressure Monitor Not Working?

Reasons Why Your Blood Pressure Monitor May Not Be Working or Saying Error

Moving During Measurement. Digital blood pressure monitors often use the oscillometric method for measurement which means it is records vascular pulsations. Simply, this measurement method does not work well when you are moving around. Try to remain still when taking your blood pressure.

Batteries. Check the batteries. They may need to be replaced or put in the correct way.

Cuff Size. Use a properly sized cuff by measuring your arm and checking it with the cuff measurements. It should fit snug.

Air Tube. The air tube which connects the cuff to the blood pressure monitor should be correctly installed. Make sure the connector is compatible with your blood pressure monitor. You may have to rotate the connector to ensure a secure connection. Always refer to your blood pressure monitor's instruction manual on how to connect the air tube. Make sure the air tube is not being restricted by anything. Check to see if there are any cuts in the tubing as well.

Cuff Placement. Check with your physician to determine as to which arm to use for your measurements. It is often the left arm that is used for measurements. Align the Artery Position Mark with the brachial artery. The air tube will be inside of your arm. Wrap cuff securely.

Positioning. Sit in a chair with your back and arm supported. Keep your feet flat and legs uncrossed. Your arm should be placed on the same level as your heart with it resting comfortable on a table.

For specific information about your own blood pressure, consult with
your physician.

Always refer to your blood pressure monitor's instruction manual for specific troubleshooting.

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