How to Calibrate the Visiofocus Pro

How to Calibrate the Visiofocus Pro

Calibration procedure:
The unit may need to be manually calibrated periodically (to stay stabilized relative to ambient environment). The thermometer may show "MQCS?" on the screen to prompt user. Lo.3 indicates temperature reading is below operating range for forehead or surface.  
To perform the MQCS (Manual Quick Calibration System) proceed as follows in an environment with an ambient temperature between 10 and 40 °C (50.0 – 104.0 °F): 
 Face    Home
  • Press and release the “Face” and “Home” buttons at the same time. The word “CAL” will appear 
  • Within 10 seconds, open the protective cap and point the thermometer towards a suitable reference point that most reflects the room temperature, such as on an internal wall far from heat or cold sources at head height, press the “Home” button 
  • Release the button: the aiming lights will flash twice slowly and the display will then indicate the reading as reference room temperature 
  • VisioFocus Pro is now ready to take the temperature: the symbol “MQCS” on the display indicates that the thermometer has been stabilized with the MQCS

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