How to Change the Lamp in BV Medical Otoscopes

How to Change the Lamp in BV Medical Otoscopes

Learn how to change the lamp on your BV Medical Otoscope. These directions are applicable to all BV Medical branded otoscopes. To check if you have a BV Medical otoscope look at the side of the otoscope. It will say BV Medical on it. Also, make sure you are looking at the directions for the correct BV Medical Otoscope model. You can find the model number and type on the box that came with your otoscope. We have listed instructions for the Conventional, Xenon, and LED Otoscopes.  

BV Medical Conventional Otoscope (60-840 Series)

1. Swing the lens to the right or left. 

How to Change Lamp on Conventional Otoscope

2. Remove old lamp by pulling it out of the otoscope head.

3. Insert the new lamp with slight pressure until stationary.

4. Move swing lens back into normal position.

BV Medical Xenon and LED Otoscopes (60-830 and 60-831 Series)

1. Remove the head from the handle.

How to Change Lamp on LED and Xenon Otoscope

2. Detach the old lamp.

3. Insert new lamp until snug.

4. Reattach the otoscope head to the handle.

5. Push the lamp together with the adapter fully back into the slot. 


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