How to Clean and Maintain Your BV Medical Otoscope

How to Clean and Maintain Your BV Medical Otoscope

Check Your Otoscope

This guidance is applicable for BV Medical Otoscopes. This may or may not apply to other branded otoscopes. These cleaning and maintenance instructions apply to the following otoscopes:

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How to Clean

To clean the otoscope, use a damp soft cloth. Disinfection with an alcohol based cleaner is sufficient since the unit is not intended for use in a surgical setting. Also, make sure to clean the swing lens for best visibility. Do not submerge the otoscope in liquid.


Are you wondering how to maintain your otoscope for prolonged use? Keep these tips in mind:

    • Check the otoscope for damage and any impurities. This includes any moving parts, lamp, and battery.
    • Protect the device from moisture.
    • Remove batteries if you are not using the otoscope for a prolonged period (e.g. three months).

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