How to Clean and Maintain Your Pulse Oximeter

How to Clean and Maintain Your Pulse Oximeter

This is a general cleaning and maintenance guide for how to clean and maintain your pulse oximeter. This may not be applicable for all pulse oximeters. Always refer to your instruction manual for proper cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Why it is Important to Clean Your Pulse Oximeter

Whether it is only you using the pulse oximeter of if it is multiple individuals, it is important to clean your device. Why? This prevents cross-infection and potential build-up of any foreign organisms or debris on the pulse oximeter.

How to Clean

Please refer to your device's instructions for specific cleaning instructions. These are general guidelines on how to clean your device. 

  • Use a piece of dry, soft cloth dipped in 75% medical alcohol to wipe the finger pad area and the rest of the device.
  • Let it air dry or wipe with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Also, clean the finger that will be used for measurement.
  • Do not spray any liquid on the pulse oximeter or immerse it in any liquid.
  • Do not disinfect the instrument by using high temperature, high pressure, or gas.


    The pulse oximeter will eventually have to be replaced, but keep these maintenance tips in mind.

    • Keep it Clean. Remember to keep your device clean by following the general guidance above. It will help prolong the product lifespan. Always refer to your device's instructions first.
    • Store Safely. Keep the pulse oximeter away from dust, vibration, corrosive substances, explosive materials, extreme hot/cold temperature, and humidity. 
    • Change Batteries. If the battery symbol appears on the screen then replace them.
    • Older than 5 Years. Generally, if your device is older than 5 years or passed its warranty then it may be time to replace your pulse oximeter. Refer to the instructions for device manufacturer's replacement guidance.

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