How to Clean and Maintain Your Scale

How to Clean and Maintain Your Scale

Check Your Scale

This guidance is applicable for BV Medical scales. This may or may not apply to other branded scales. These cleaning and maintenance instructions apply to the following scales:

You can find the model number on the back of the scale or you can click and view the product to check if it matches.

How to Clean

To clean the scale, wipe the surface of the scale with a damp cloth. Do not submerge the scale in any liquid. Keep it away from any water or moisture, and do not use chemical cleaning agents on the scale. 


Are you wondering how to maintain your scale for prolonged use? Keep these tips in mind:

    • Always use on a hard, flat surface.
    • Do not store the scale in an upright position. This may drain the batteries. 
    • Remove the batteries if the scale will not be used for a long period of time. 
    • Treat your scale with care; it is a precision instrument.
    • Do not drop the scale or jump on it.

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