How to Put on the Omron® ComFit™ Cuff

How to Put on the Omron® ComFit™ Cuff

The Omron® ComFit™ Cuff is a pre-formed cuff designed specifically to the contour of the arm. These may look different from the cuffs you usually see, so it can be challenging to figure out how to put this cuff on for the first time. We made a simple guide for you on how to apply the Omron® ComFit™ Cuff with written and visual references. 

How to Apply the Omron® ComFit™ Cuff

Insert air plug into blood pressure monitor1. Plug the arm cuff into your monitor by inserting the air plug into the air jack of your blood pressure monitor. You should hear a click. This indicates it is secured.

Apply the Comfit cuff2. Apply the arm cuff to your upper left arm. Make sure to remove tight-fitting clothing from your upper left arm.

Ensure placement of the cuff3. Place the bottom of cuff 1/2” above the bend in your elbow and wrap the cuff firmly in place around your arm using the cloth strip. The air tube is on the inside of your arm and aligned with your middle finger. 

Rest your arm on a table4. Rest your arm on a table and press the Start button on your blood pressure monitor to take a measurement.


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