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How to Safely Use a Heating Pad

Learn how to safely use a heating pad. These are general instructions. Please refer to your specific heating pad instructions first. If you experience any unusual symptoms from using the heating pad then immediately consult with your physician.  

What is a Heating Pad?

A heating pad is an electrical device intended for medical purposes that provides heat therapy for body surfaces to provide relief. It is capable of maintaining an elevated temperature during use.

Heating Pad Safety Checks

Go through these safety checks before proceeding on how to use your heating pad:

    • Check to see if the heating pad has any discoloration, scorching, or if it appears to be worn. If it does, then replace it with a new one.
    • Make sure the electrical cord and plug is not broken.
    • If you have diabetes, poor circulation, or skin insensitivity, then consult with your physician before use.

How to Use the Heating Pad

1. Plug in your heating pad. Make sure the electrical plug and outlet you are plugging it into does not appear to have any scorching or damage.

3. Place your heating pad. Put your heating pad on the spot where you want relief. This can be your lap, abdomen, back, shoulder, etc. Do not sit or lie on the heating pad.

3. Start your heating pad. Some heating pads may include a controller or switch to turn your heating pad on. Others may not. Follow your specific heating pad's instructions on how to turn on and off your heating pad.

4. Use your heating pad and adjust if needed. Some heating pads comes with heating levels where you can adjust to your comfortability. To obtain maximum relief, it is recommended to use the heating pad for no longer than 15 minutes.

5. Turn off your heating pad. After you are done using your heating pad, turn your heating pad off and unplug it.

Important Safety Instructions

Heating pads are a great option to provide relief. They should be used in accordance with their Instructions For Use. Keep these important safety instructions in mind when using a heating pad:

    • Do not sit or lie on the heating pad.
    • Do not use while sleeping.
    • Do not use on small children or infants.
    • Do not use as a bed or foot warmer.
    • Do not leave the heating pad unattended.
    • Do not use pins or metallic fasteners on the heating pad.
    • Do not fold or crush the heating pad while in use.

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