Omron® Blood Pressure Monitor Display Symbols

Omron® Blood Pressure Monitor Display Symbols

Looking for the meaning of a display symbol on your Omron® Blood Pressure Monitor? This chart lets you understand the meaning of a display symbol. Simply find the symbol you are looking up the meaning for, and read the description next to it. Need help? Please contact our Customer Service representatives if you have any questions or concerns at or (888) 822-8293. We would be happy to help!

Symbol Description
Average Value Symbol

Average Value
Flashes when viewing the average of the latest 2 or 3 readings taken within the most recent 10 minute timeframe.


 Bluetooth OFF Symbol

Bluetooth® OFF
Appears when Bluetooth® is disabled.
Bluetooth ON Symbol Bluetooth® ON
Appears when your readings are being transferred.
Cuff Wrap Guide Symbol

Cuff Wrap Guide Symbol
Appears if the wrist cuff is wrapped around the wrist too loosely while taking a measurement. It also appears when viewing past readings.

This is only applicable to wrist blood pressure units.


Deflation Symbol

Appears during cuff deflation.

Depleted Battery Symbol Depleted Battery
Appears when batteries are depleted.
Error Error
Appears when the monitor has malfunctioned. Press the Start/Stop button again.
Error 1 Error 1
Appears when the arm cuff does not inflate. This may have resulted because the Start/Stop button was pressed while the arm cuff is not applied, air plug is not completely plugged into the monitor, the arm cuff is not applied correctly, or air is leaking from the arm cuff.
Error 2 Error 2
Appears when a measurement cannot be completed after the arm cuff inflates. This may have resulted because you move or talk during a measurement or the systolic pressure is above 210 mmHg and a measurement cannot be taken.
Error 3 Error 3
Appears when the arm cuff is inflated exceeding the maximum allowable pressure. Do not touch the arm cuff or bend the air tube while taking a measurement.
Error 4 Error 4
You move or talking during a measurement. Vibrations disrupt a measurement.
Error 5 Error 5
The pulse rate is not detected correctly. Check that your arm cuff is applied current, remain still, and sit correctly. 
If it continues to appear, we recommend you consult with and follow the directions of your physician.
Heartbeat Symbol Heartbeat
Flashes while taking a measurement.
High Symbol High
Appears if your systolic blood pressure is ≥ 130 mmHg or the diastolic blood pressure is ≥ 80 mmHg. 
Irregular Heartbeat Symbol Irregular Heartbeat
Appears when irregular rhythm is detected 2 or more times during a measurement. The symbol with the number appears as below:
Irregular heartbeat is detected 2 times: Irregular Heartbeat 2
Irregular heartbeat is detected 3 times or more:Irregular Heartbeat 3
An irregular heartbeat rhythm is defined as a rhythm that is 25% less or 25% more than the average rhythm detected while your monitor is measuring blood pressure.
Irregular heartbeat symbol may be displayed when the monitor detects arm movements. 
If it continues to appear, we recommend you consult with and follow the directions of your physician.
Low Battery Symbol Low Battery
Flashes when batteries are low.
Memory Symbol Memory
Appears when viewing readings stored in the memory.
Movement Error Symbol Movement Error
Appears with your reading when your body is moving during a measurement. If it appears, remove the arm cuff and wait for 2 to 3 minutes. Then, reapply the cuff, remain still and take another measurement.
OK Symbol
Flashes when your monitor is connected to your smart devices or readings are transferred successfully.
Sync Symbol
Flashes/appears when your data needs to be transferred because the stored memory is either almost, or completely

full. Once you pair your monitor with your smart device, transfer your readings immediately before the monitor deletes the oldest reading. 
User Symbol
The user ID number appears when selecting the user with [user ID selection] switch.
Worn Batteries
Worn Batteries
If your blood pressure monitor displays a battery with a cross mark then that means the batteries are worn. Replace the batteries. Refer to your specific blood pressure monitor's Instruction Manual for battery installation.



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