What is a GemScope?

GemScopes: A Fun Alternative to Traditional Stethoscopes

A GemScope features a customizable acrylic chestpiece and is a fun alternative to traditional stethoscopes. The acrylic chestpiece has a resemblance to a gem with a clear, rounded face for the design to sparkle!

BV Medical offers a variety of GemScopes, so you can express yourself!


How to Clean

You can wipe it down with soap and water using a microfiber cloth or towel. Use only soap and water on the acrylic chestpiece. Do not use any sort of alcohol on the acrylic chestpiece because it will cause the chestpiece to crack or break. You can use 70% isopropyl alcohol on the rest of the stethoscope. Do not soak the stethoscope in any liquid. 

GemScope Chestpiece

Adjusting and Customizing

Easily adjust the diaphragm design by unscrewing the ring and moving the diaphragm. You can also unscrew the ring and swap out diaphragms to easily change the design. 
Swap depending on your mood or if you want to change up your stethoscope!


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