Teaching/Training Stethoscope

What is a Teaching/Training Stethoscope?


A Teaching/Training Stethoscope features two sets of binaurals and a shared chestpiece. This allows for two individuals to listen to the same auscultations. A Teaching/Training Stethoscope is designed for training new medical professionals to listen to sounds from the heart, lungs, or other organs.

Key Features

Training/Teaching Stethoscope

The defining features of a Teaching/Training Stethoscope can be summed up in three points:

  • Two sets of binaurals where the instructor and individual learning can comfortably listen.
  • One chestpiece for both individuals to listen to sounds from the heart, lungs, or other organs of a single patient.
  • The length of the tubing is longer than traditional stethoscopes to allow for mobility and maintaining a comfortable distance.
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