Medical Gift Guide for Doctors, Nurse, Students, and other Medical Professionals

Medical Gift Guide for Doctors, Nurse, Students, and other Medical Professionals

Are you currently asking yourself what to buy for a doctor, nurse, student, veterinarian, or other medical professional? No worries! We've created a Medical Gift Guide, so you can find the perfect gift!

1. GemScope

A GemScope is a fun alternative to traditional stethoscopes. They feature a customizable acrylic chestpiece, so you can find a design that expresses you or the person you are buying one for! The acrylic chestpiece has a resemblance to a gem with a clear, rounded face for the design to sparkle.

2. Penlight

A Penlight is a great quick reference tool for any medical professional. Includes a light that illuminates brightly for the examiner to see. Penlights may come with or without a pupil gauge and ruler. These can be used for a patient examination. A penlight fits perfectly into a white coat or scrubs pocket!  

3. Dog Thermometer

Dog Thermometer

The BV Medical AnimaTemps Dog Digital Thermometer features a dog design which is a cute alternative to traditional stick thermometers. This is a great thermometer gift idea for veterinarians or medical professionals looking for a more kid-friendly thermometer for patients.

4. Stethoscope ID Tags

Stethoscope ID Tags

A Stethoscope Identification Tag allows for a medical professional to put their name and information on it, so if it gets lost then it can be easily returned. There are different types of tags and some stethoscopes can also be engraved. Make it easy for them to identify their stethoscopes with an ID Tag.

5. Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter

The BV Medical Pediatric Pulse Oximeter features a kid-friendly polar bear design. This is ideal for medical professional looking for a kid-friendly alternative to traditional pulse oximeters. The pulse oximeter is specially designed for kids with a special mark to indicate best placement and can take a measurement even if they are moving.

We hope this Medical Gift Guide helps you find the perfect gift for a doctor, nurse, student, or other medical professional. If you have any questions or concerns then don't hesitate to email us at or call us at (888) 822-8293 to connect with one of our Customer Service Representatives. Where people can reach people.

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