How the Visiofocus® Thermometer Works

How the Visiofocus® Thermometer Works

Learn about the Visiofocus®, the different models, and how to use the only thermometer in the world that projects the temperature reading.

What is the Visiofocus®?

The Visiofocus® is the only thermometer in the world that projects the temperature reading on the forehead, without ever coming into contact with the skin. A hygienic alternative to stick digital thermometers and other non-contact thermometers which require a small amount of distance between the thermometer and patient. Take instant temperature results with the exclusive patented aiming system without touching the patient (2.35 inches) on the forehead or eyelid. 

    Visiofocus® Models

    There are currently three models of the Visiofocus® available. They all have ± 0.4 °F accuracy, 93.2 - 108.5 °F measurement range, and up to 3 years/30,000 readings battery life. Each model has unique features for intended use.

    Visiofocus® Smart is value model with the most basic features. It has a manual calibration system.
    Visiofocus® is the mid-range model with an automatic or manual calibration system.
    Visiofocus® Pro is the professional model with an automatic-doct mode calibration system.

    How to Use

    1. Flip open the protective cap (Visiofocus® and Visiofocus® Pro only have the protective cap).
    2. Press and hold down the Face Button button to turn on the lights. If you want to take the temperature of an object then just click the House Button button.
    3. Hold the thermometer perpendicular close to the center of the subject's forehead or the object you are trying to take the temperature of.
    4. Make sure the temperature is completely between the arches or in the bracket. Refer to the images below for reference. Left image is for the Visiofocus® and Visiofocus® Pro. Right image is for the Visiofocus® Smart.
      Visiofocus Aiming SystemVisiofocus Aiming System
    5. Release the Face Button button and hold the thermometer in position until the lights start flashing. You can also read the temperature on the display.

    Looking to learn how to calibrate the Visiofocus®? Check out our How to Calibrate the Visiofocus® with written instructions and video.


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